OMG! Donna Brazile Describes Hillary Clinton’s Face Shortly Before She Fainted

Donna Brazile was horrified by Hillary’s physical appearance leading up to her fainting spell on 9/11, especially the way Clinton’s face looked.

Apparently not only did Hillary sound like death, she looked like it as well.

Perhaps one of the most damaging and juicy tidbits Brazile has revealed is how severely ill Hillary Clinton was, (and still is) despite the media’s efforts to hide the truth.

Donna Brazile’s description of Hillary Clinton’s face is very telling.


Free Beacon reported:

Brazile “noticed her face was puffy,” “her skin looked pale and papery,” and “her eyes were glazed.” She approached Clinton about her health before the speech and observed her to be “wobbly on her feet” with a “rattled cough” so bad Brazile suggested medical attention.

Brazile also blasted Hillary’s camp for lying about Hillary’s health problems, the Free Beacon reported:

Brazile writes that she became “as anxious as anyone in the country about the state of her health,” and that the next explanation from the campaign—that Clinton had allergies that made her cough and now had pneumonia, and then went to her daughter’s house where there were little children—made “matters worse.”

“Allergies do not cause pneumonia,” she wrote. “And who was going to believe that a grandma with pneumonia would go to her daughter’s house to recover with two vulnerable little ones around? The situation had to be pretty dangerous for her to risk exposing the grandbabies.”

The conservative media asked the same question. Why would a woman with pneumonia go to her daughter’s house putting a newborn baby at risk of getting sick? Chelsea Clinton had a 3 month old baby boy in her apartment!

Just a few hours later Hillary emerged from Chelsea’s apartment smiling and waving. It just doesn’t make sense.

Remember, Hillary’s health problems were serious enough for Donna Brazile to consider replacing her with Biden as the 2016 Dem nominee!

Hillary Clinton may have had pneumonia, however; that isn’t the only thing ailing her. It appears she is hiding many different health problems.

Shortly after Donna Brazile noticed Hillary looking like walking death, she collapsed and was thrown into her campaign ambulance like a side of beef. Notice how calm her crew was as if they were used to this routine…

She does not look well….

Hillary can’t even walk up a few steps without assistance!

Many believe these are anti-seizure glasses…

Hillary had a seizure on camera! (look how horrified the reporter is)

Hillary’s coughing fits were distracting. She even spit two throat lozenges into a glass! YUCK!

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