NY Times Reporter Nicole Perlroth Deletes Tweet Defending Joe Biden’s ‘Sweet and Affectionate’ Behavior with Children

New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth deleted a tweet posted Tuesday defending former Vice President Joe Biden from accusations of child sexual assault that called Biden’s sexually abusive behavior toward children seen in C-SPAN videos as “sweet and affectionate” and derided accusations his behavior is predatory as an insult to “real sexual assault victims.”

Then-Vice President Joe Biden gropes the breast of a girl child relative of Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) at a ceremonial swearing-in at the Capitol, January 6, 2015.

Perlroth deleted the tweet after it was featured in an article at The Gateway Pundit published Wednesday, NY Times Reporter Asks Twitter What It Will do About Videos of Joe Biden Sexually Assaulting Girls


Perlroth had initially posted a request to Twitter on Tuesday asking how it will “handle” tweets accusing Biden of molesting children based on C-SPAN videos that show Biden molesting children in front of their families, with cameras rolling, at ceremonial Senate swearing-in sessions. Perlroth was responding to a Twitter thread about Biden molesting children that was posted Monday by Richard Armande Mills that featured the C-SPAN videos.

Twitchy was first to report on Perlroth’s concern trolling defense of Biden.

Perlroth posted, “In the past 24 hours, a new alt-right fake news meme had emerged of Biden as predator. How will @twitter handle?”

She followed that tweet with Russian conspiracy baiting, ““The fake news Biden meme is being propagated by Twitter accounts like @kchenette tweeting/retweeting pro-Russian propaganda (like false Magnitsky conspiracy theories).”

A third tweet on the subject was a reply to a critic in which Perlroth wrote an impassioned defense of Biden, “I watched a dozen videos of the Vice President, on camera, being sweet and affectionate towards children in public spaces. To conflate that with anything “predatory” is vulgar, insulting to real sexual assault victims everywhere. #MeToo”

All three tweets were featured on the TGP article published Wednesday afternoon. A review of Perlroth’s Twitter postings Wednesday night showed that the third tweet defending Biden has been deleted.


The now-deleted tweet was a response to conservative journalist Devin Sena who has asked her, “You watch over a dozen videos of Biden clearly being predatory towards a minor, yet you defend him. You are the epitome of a partisan hack.”

Perlroth has not tweeted anything else about Biden since the deleted tweet and has not posted an explanation for the deletion. Perhaps she took the advice offered in the TGP article for her to watch the videos below:

If Perlroth and Rogen viewed the videos TGP has reported about with an open mind (or pretended Biden was a pro-life Republican) they would be hard pressed to not view Biden as a serial child molester.

C-SPAN video from January 5, 2011 of Biden fondling and repeatedly pressing his crotch against the six-year-old daughter of Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).

C-SPAN video from January 6, 2015 shows Biden molesting several children during the ceremonial swearing-in.

NOTE: Each embedded video is set to start at a different point even if from the same video, with the exception of the ending C-SPAN video. Also, both videos are labeled ‘Pizzagate’ by their respective posters. TGP is not accusing Biden of being part of any alleged Pizzagate scandal or child abuse network, nor is TGP responsible for any other videos or viewpoints of the video posters.)


Complete C-SPAN video from January 6, 2015

Note: On Wednesday Seth Rogen tweeted and quickly deleted a reply to Perlroth’s call for Twitter to do something about the Biden tweets, saying that he had inquired without success to Twitter about such situations, “Twitter has no regulations against spreading false allegations like this. I’ve asked.”

Links to previous TGP reports on Biden molesting children at ceremonial Senate swearing-in sessions.

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