NFL Ratings Are a Train Wreck — And There’s No End in Sight

The NFL continues to struggle as players from around the league are kneeling during the National Anthem. How bad is it? The NFL’s ratings are a train wreck — and there’s no end in sight. 

Breitbart News reports:

Ratings for the National Football League have gotten worse as Week 11 passes in the rear-view, with the league losing one million viewers over the numbers from 2016 as protests during the national anthem continue.

Some analysts felt the ratings slump showed signs of slowing over week 9 and 10, but the downward trend picked back up for Week 11. With a loss of 6.3 percent compared to last week’s loss of 5.7 percent the loss of viewers deepened, the New York Post reported.

The 6.3 percent dip reflects a viewership of 14.9 million viewers, which is down a million from the 15.9 earned in Week 11 last year.


With TV ratings off nearly 20 percent for the season over all, the networks have reportedly lost up to $500 million in ad revenue. The ratings slide is reflected in the sparse attendance at the stadiums, too, with Week 11 photos showing that there are still empty seats galore.

Not only is the NFL suffering from poor ratings, but game attendance is down, as well.

Week 11 games had empty seats galore at stadiums across the league.

The Kansas City Chiefs played the New York Giants and there were many empty seats visible.

“Wow. I have never seen this many empty seats here before. John Mara must be thrilled. #GiantsPride,” tweeted Giants fan Kevin McCleerey. 

The Giants’ official Twitter account tweeted warm up footage with many seats still empty.

“Kickoff is just minutes away! WATCH  Pregame Warmups presented by @Visa,” tweeted the New York Giants.

AZ Sports Central reporter Kent Somers noted “Lots of empty seats,” were visible at the Arizona Cardinals vs Houston Texans game at NRG just as the coin was set to be tossed.

“Lots of empty seats at NRG as they are about to toss the coin,” tweeted Somers.

“you can really tell the orange is indeed oranger with all these empty seats,” joked ESPN Cleveland reporter Jordan Zirm.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the Dolphins in Miami and Hard Rock Stadium had a ton of empty seats.

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