Nancy Pelosi Runs From Press After Donna Brazile Drops Bombshell on DNC Corruption (VIDEO)

Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ran from the press on Thursday in order to avoid questions about Donna Brazile’s bombshell revelations blasting the underbelly of the DNC.

As previously reported, former DNC temporary Chairwoman Donna Brazile turned on Hillary Clinton.

Brazile claims Hillary has been controlling the DNC Victory Funds since before she got the nomination. Brazile also said the funding arrangement with HFA and the Victory Fund agreement was unethical and it compromised the party’s integrity.


Nancy Pelosi held a press conference to blast the Republican party’s tax plan claiming it’s a #BillionairesFirst plan which would ultimately be a nightmare for working families.

Instead of taking questions from the press afterwards like she normally does, she quickly walked off the stage.

Democrat corruption can only operate in darkness. As soon as they are exposed for their evil ways, they run and hide.


Politico reporter Heather Caygle who was present at Pelosi’s press conference even noted the Senate Minority Leader left without taking questions from reporters.

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