MUST SEE VIDEO=> James O’Keefe Turns The Tables On Washington Post Reporter After Failed Ambush

In teaser footage tweeted Monday by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, Washington Post reporter Aaron Davis attempts to ambush the group’s imminent video release on the paper. 

At the start of the clip, Davis appears to be asking O’Keefe about what the group is filming.

O’Keefe notes Davis is using the same “techniques,” as Project Veritas and asks if the reporter has been inspired by the guerrilla journalism organization.


“Uh…no,” replies a seemingly unsure Davis.

The clip then shows a muted conversation between Davis and O’Keefe.

“I think it’s really cute you guys are borrowing our techniques,” jokes O’Keefe.

Text reading “They’re worried we have a story on them…We do,” appears at the end of the video.

O’Keefe reports a group of panicked reported staked outside Project Veritas’ headquarters Monday morning.

“A gaggle of reporters from the @washingtonpost staked outside of the @Project_Veritas HQ today. I’m honored. Maybe because they know what’s about to go down?”, tweeted O’Keefe.

Hours later, O’Keefe tweeted footage of him turning the tables on Davis, who initially came to Project Veritas’ office to interview the guerilla journalist. Instead, O’Keefe whipped out his microphone, proceeding to ask Davis questions instead. Davis was NOT happy.

“The Washington Post sends a reporter to question me, but take a look. Who’s interviewing who?,” tweeted O’Keefe.

In the above footage, Davis is baffled after O’Keefe begins asking him questions, as Washington Post reporter thought he would be asking the questions. O’Keefe asks if Davis was using Project Veritas’ tactics in an attempt to ambush him. Before Davis can answer, O’Keefe asks for comment on the wild antics at the paper and his thoughts on a fellow reporter admitting the Trump-Russia collusion story is a nothingburger.

“That’s not the story I’m working on,” Davis replies.

Davis then goes on to say that for several weeks a Project Veritas reporter has been in contact with the Washington Post, making claims that she was sexually assaulted by Judge Roy Moore.

O’Keefe ignores the claim and asks Davis what he thinks about multiple Washington Post employees making outrageous statements. Davis doesn’t respond, instead hops into his car and drives off.

Stay tuned!

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