“He Must Be Removed”: Roger Stone Explains Why AG Sessions Is Leading America Into The ‘Dark Ages’

In a piece titled “The Dark Ages of Jeff Sessions,” seasoned political operative Roger Stone makes the case for firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his policy proposals and lack of appetite to investigate the Obama administration’s crimes.

Stone writes:

It’s bad enough that Trump Atty. Gen.Jeff Sessions has recused himself on both the question of Russian collusion as well as an investigation into Uranium One or the skullduggery of the Obama Justice Department in the ever greedy Clintons. Sessions has also failed to bring any prosecutions despite the largest illegal expansion of unconstitutional surveillance in the history of the US government which took place under Obama’s NSA and was documented by the super-secret FISA court.


Dinosaurs like Sessions refuse to admit that all the war on drugs has yielded is destroyed lives in families cut in the multibillion-dollar bill for the trial and incarceration of millions of Americans for the nonviolent crime of drug possession none of which has had any effect in slowing drug abuse and drug-related crime.


Chaffetz said he visited “with Attorney General Sessions and it was one of the most frustrating discussions I had because whether it was the IRS, Fast and Furious, the email scandal that we went through, I did not see the Attorney General willing to just let Lady Justice administer justice and then follow through.

Back in January, during Sessions’ confirmation hearing he said this, “This country doesn’t punish its political enemies.”  If that’s true then why has Trump been so unfairly targeted and punished?  Sessions is a madman and is completely removed from rational thinking.  When progressive change takes so long, he’s destroying decades of enlightened policies.  Sessions is giving birth to a dark age and he must be removed.

Not only is Sessions refusing to go after Big Fish like Obama, Clinton and Comey, but declined to prosecute less influential officials who clearly broke the law, such as Lois Lerner.


In September, Justice Department announced it would not charge former IRS official Lois Lerner in the highly controversial IRS scandal, which saw numerous Conservative groups allegedly targeted by the Department.

Documents released in July 2016 revealed the IRS knew of Tea Party targeting since 2011.

The IRS released a list in 2016 of 426 Tea Party and conservative groups that were targeted during the Obama years.

Yet, Sessions let Lerner go free. If an IRS official won’t be brought to justice, how can the American people expect Obama, Clinton and Comey to meet Lady Justice?

Disgruntled Republican lawmakers are beginning to voice the same displeasure over the inaction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions as many conservatives have for months. The calls for Sessions to investigate the corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton and James Comey are growing louder. On Monday, GOP Congressmen Jim Jordan and Matt Gaertz called on Sessions to probe the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton private email use or resign. “It’s time for Jeff Sessions to name a Special Counsel and get answers for the American people. If not, he should step down,” the congressmen said in a piece published on Fox News.

Not only do Republican lawmakers and high profiled media figures want Sessions to get touch, but so does his boss President Trump. As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported,  Before departing on a 10-day trip to Asia, President Trump told the media that he’s disappointed in the Department of Justice for not investigating Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and John Podesta for their glaring criminal actions.

Then the president turned his wrath at the Department of Justice and do-nothing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

President Donald Trump: All I can tell you is there is no collusion. It’s a disgrace. You want to look at Hillary Clinton and you want to look at the new book that was just put out by Donna Brazile where she basically bought the DNC and she stole the election from Bernie. So that’s what you ought to take a look at… I’m really not involved with the Justice Department. I like to let it run itself but honestly they should be looking at the Democrats. They should be looking at Podesta and all of that dishonesty. They should be looking at a lot of things. And a lot of people are disappointed at the Justice Department including me.

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