MSNBC Host Has No Clue She’s On Live TV — Gets Caught Fixing Her Wedgie (VIDEO)

In yet another on-air flub over at MSNBC, host Stephanie Ruhle had an excruciatingly awkward moment at the start of her show “Velshi and Ruhle,” Thursday when she didn’t realize the cameras were rolling — and fixed her wedgie. 

Video credit: Daily Caller 


“If there’s a voice in our ear, I can’t hear it,” Ruhle said as she was fixing her wedgie.


“We’re on TV,” said Velshi.

“You’re live on TV,” confirmed MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson.

Ruhle, clearly embarrassed by the flub, laughed off the incident saying, “I don’t hear anything. Except the voices in my head, always.”

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