MSNBC Contributor Asks Hillary About Bill Clinton’s Sex Abuse Allegations (AUDIO)

You know when an MSNBC contributor asks failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about sex allegations against her husband, former president Bill Clinton, hell has officially frozen over.

Sure, conservative radio host Rita Cosby asked Clinton if she regretted the way she treated Bill Clinton’s accusers, but for a “friendly,” to ask a question in the same vein represents a seismic change in the Democrat political landscape.

Jonathan Capehart, a contributor for MSNBC, sheepishly asked Clinton if questions about her husband’s transgressions represent a “cultural moment in the United States in response to sexual misconduct in politics.”


Washington Free Beacon reports:

“It’s politics and it’s gotten very political, and there are lot of names in this hopper. Whether it’s Franken or Moore, or Trump or Clinton … you name it. Does that make it harder or easier to not have it be a blip, just a cultural moment instead of a cultural change?” Capehart asked.

Clinton spent over two minutes responding to Capehart’s question, but never addressed the sexual misconduct allegations against Democratic Sen. Al Franken (Minn.) or her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Instead, she focused on the far-reaching, beyond politics, impact of sexual harassment, and discussed the allegations against Alabama’s Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Donald Trump.

“Think about all the women working the overnight shift in factories, or late-night in restaurants, or cocktail lounges, or just minding their own business in their own neighborhood. And those women don’t have household names,” Clinton said. “And that’s what we’re seeing with Roy Moore. These are not famous women. These are women who basically have said, ‘Hey, this is unacceptable. I wasn’t able to talk about it a long time ago, but now others are coming forward [and] I’m willing to do that.'”

“The same with the large number of women accusing Trump of sexual assault and his own confession to it on the ‘Hollywood Access’ tape,” Clinton added.

As you can see, Clinton completely avoids answering the question.

For decades, both the media and political class protected former President Clinton and his wife from questions such as these. Times have truly changed.

The question comes amid an effort to purge the Clintons from the Democrat power structure as the party struggles to galvanize the base around meaningful policy proposals and inspirational 2020 candidates. Aside from attempting to derail President Trump’s agenda, what ideas have the Democrats put forward that a deal orientated White House can deliberate in a serious way?

Not only are the Democrats light on policy, but even with the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, is there anyone out there that could defeat President Trump in 2020? The prospect appears less likely everyday. Before the Democrats can even begin to ponder these big questions, the Clinton machine must first be purged.

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