Longtime Clinton Aide Becomes Unglued With Homophobic Attack Against POTUS Trump

Philippe Reines, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, became unglued while engaging with a pro-Trump Twitter account early Sunday morning, firing off a homophobic slur against President Trump. So much for the Democrats being the party of tolerance.  

It all started after Reines tweeted a story about Sen. Jeff Flake warning that Republicans are “toast,” if it becomes the party of President Trump and Judge Roy Moore.

A Twitter user, who Reines may have believed was just a bot, responded to the tweet with this:


“Sorry Reines it’s the beginning of the end for the Clinton’s and their surrogates. Both Sen Gillibrand and Donna Brazile ran them over and backed up over than again. Even the Swap Democrats want all of u to go away.
The Fake News Media’s not there yet but soon.

Rather than ignore an account perceived as potentially fake, the aide to Clinton during her Senate, State Department and 2016 campaign days, couldn’t help but respond.

“Hi “BostonStrong”! I see you only joined Twitter a couple weeks back. How are you finding it? I just want to say welcome. I lived in Boston for a few years. Loved it. Exactly what part are you from? I can detect a strong accent in your writing and don’t think it’s South Boston” replied Reines.

BostonStrong replied, “Is that ur shaming method time on Twitter?U Swamp Dems know all about shaming like what Crooked Hillary did to the women Slick Willy assulted. Ur right not Southie I live next to Pocahontas Warren. U know the US Sen who lied abt heritage to get a job at the Ppls Rep of Harvard.”

“That’s what I thought. Team shaming now! You’re a serial shamer. I wonder who you learned that from?#EmptyBarrel,” added BostonStrong

Reines wouldn’t let the conversation go, replying ““BostonStrong” I’m just trying to get to know you. It’s called SOCIAL media. Let’s be social. We lived in the same city. We can compare experiences. Maybe we are alike and can become good friends. Like, what’s your favorite restaurant in Boston?”

“Oh social media shaming I get it. After seeing how you treat ppl who go against ur political hero’s I doubt it. I’m the Diner type. I know u’ll have to Google the word Diner to get the look and feel since you’ve never be in one.
Ur a 5 Star guy who sticks the tab to lobbyists.Really easy question what ur favorite 5 Star where the lobbyist picked up the tab? Better yet one that U went to with Liveshot and Pocahontas? You know them Howie Carr’s friends.” said BostonStrong.

BostonStrong then tweeted a GIF of President Trump double fist pumping at the Republican National Convention.

Reines replied with a homophobic attack against President Trump, saying “Looks like your boy is giving two handjobs”

BostonStrong then said, “Wow homophobic comment! Twitter suspension on the way!”

“Any final words before we part ways? No? Then dosvadanya,” said a sarcastic Reines.


Reines is in the news as of late for blasting Sen. Gillibrand after the New York lawmaker said former President Bill Clinton should have resigned after the Lewinsky scandal.

“Ken Starr spent $70 million on a consensual blowjob. Senate voted to keep POTUS WJC. But not enough for you @SenGillibrand? Over 20 yrs you took the Clintons’ endorsements, money, and seat. Hypocrite. Interesting strategy for 2020 primaries. Best of luck.” Reines tweeted Thursday.

“Gillibrand, who took over Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat in 2009, said it would have been “appropriate” for Bill Clinton to step down as president after revelations of his affair with Lewinsky,” reported the Washington Examiner.

According to CBS News, Philippe Reines took on the role of Trump during Clinton’s debate prep because he is “known for his bullish, combative personality—traits that often mirror Trump’s personal debate style”.

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