THIS IS TEXAS=> Local Armed Citizen Pursued Evil Killer Devin Kelley in Vehicle After Mass Shooting

U.S. officials say the gunman behind the mass shooting at a Sutherland Springs church is 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley.

The Democrats immediately called for gun control yet it was an armed citizen who pursued Kelley in a vehicle after the mass shooting.

According to NBC the shooter fled and was caught after a brief chase.

The vehicle drove off the road into field.


A local armed citizen originally pursued Kelley by vehicle after the shooting, The Daily Beast reported:

One witness told a KSAT reporter the he was dressed “in full gear.” During a press conference in Sutherland Springs, state and local officials said that Kelley had an “assault-type” rifle and first fired outside the church before entering the building. An armed citizen pursued Kelley by vehicle after he left the church.

As previously reported, Devin Kelley was court martialed in 2014 after a dishonorable discharge.

Here is the case number:
No. 14-0387/AF.  U.S. v. Devin P. KELLEY.  CCA 38267.

According to McMilitary Law: States have laws for gun control for court martial cases.
Will I be able to own firearms?
Federal and state laws do place restrictions on the purchase of firearms by those convicted of felonies. 18 USC § 922(b). Many jurisdictions distinguish between violent and non-violent offenses.

It was against the law for Devin to own firearms.

The Democrats always scream ‘gun control’ after a mass shooting, however; laws do not stop people from obtaining guns. If a person wants to buy a gun, they will find a way. Strict gun laws only end up disarming law abiding citizens.

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