K.C. Rag Blames Legal Gun Owners For Gun Thefts

In an article titled “Criminals are stealing more firearms than ever — and KC gun owners are making it too easy“, Kansas City Star writer Joe Robertson opines that legal gun owners are to blame for being victims of theft.

His first such instance stems from one of the infamous and mythical “gun free zones,” Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs play. Robertson writes:

“He (Eric Neely) and his girlfriend were in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot. He had tickets to the Chiefs game against the Saints last October, and the Nebraskan needed to stow the gun in his SUV before passing through the stadium’s metal detectors. But the gun and the backpack were gone when they returned hours later.”


So, right there, within the first few sentences of his story, Robertson makes the argument against the very thing he wants to do. What seemingly flies over his head is the fact that if the stadium weren’t a “gun free zone”, then the theft victim, Neely, would have been able to keep the gun on him, and the theft never would have happened.

Thank you, Joe Robertson, for the making the case against “gun free zones.”

But wait, there’s more! Robertson continues with:

“Gun thieves know there are eager buyers for illegal guns who, because they can’t get them legally, will readily pay a hefty cash price on the street, said Don Pind, a Kansas City firearms training consultant.

“You can get $300 for anything that goes bang,” he said.

The repercussions run deep. A 2016 study by the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health determined that in violent crimes where guns were recovered, the perpetrator carried a gun owned by someone else 8 out of 10 times.”

Scrolling through his twitter page, @robertsonkcstar, he appears to be a rabid anti gunner. Except those very sentences there negate any support for so-called “universal background checks,” as he pretty much admits that criminals looking to get a hold of a gun will ignore laws and just steal guns, regardless of whether or not it’s illegal to not go through a background check. By the way, it’s still illegal to sell a gun to someone whom the seller knows is a prohibited purchaser.
Robertson goes on:
“Arrowhead Stadium and the Westport parking lots were just two of several locations that had multiple reports of gun thefts at or near them since 2008.

Thieves will prey on car lots where they suspect there are likely to be gun owners, or in lots such as Arrowhead Stadium or nightclubs — locations where metal detector security doesn’t allow guns inside, so people leave them in their cars.

By far, the location with the most reported thefts since 2008 was the lots surrounding the KCI Expo Center, which often features gun shows, with thieves plundering the lots for 25 thefts — more than half of them since 2016 — often stealing several guns in one break-in.

Other hot spots included Walmart on U.S. 40 in east Kansas City, the Barrywoods Crossing area in Kansas City, North; the Winnwood Skate Center; and the Ameristar Casino.

Numerous thefts were reported near night clubs as well, including KC Mingles in south Kansas City, BLVD Nights on Southwest Boulevard, the former Mac’s Jazz and Blues Club on Blue Ridge Boulevard and the now-closed Rookies Sports Lounge in south Kansas City.

Kansas City police work with property owners and event planners to encourage better lighting and more security and surveillance of lots, Graves said. They increase patrols around gun shows. They help patrol the Arrowhead parking lot, she said, but officers are also dealing with “people issues” among the tailgaters.”

All the more reason to keep your firearm on your person, in your direct control.

Joe Robertson then lays out the most egregious line from the whole story:

“Thieves are simply taking the opportunities that gun owners give them”

Yes, you, the legal gun owner, are literally giving your guns away to thieves, according Joe Robertson of the Kansas City Star.

He ends the article by quoting Johnson County resident Kim Berry:

“Berry, whose son had a gun taken from his car in Westport, said the best protection may be to make choices that allow you to leave guns behind.

“If you think you need a gun, your best choice is not to go,” she said. “Bullets have no name. It’s the innocent person who pays.””

So they’re telling you to leave your gun at home, unattended, where they say it’s more likely to be stolen. Furthermore, the writer and the people he’s quoting have obviously never been through a firearms training course, as one of the primary things that is taught to students is to always carry, everywhere, all the time, and be vigilant, with a high sense of situational awareness, because you never know when trouble will arise.

Like a meth addict trying to break into your car and rob you, which these people also claim is an epidemic.

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