Judge Roy Moore Will be the 52nd GOP Vote to Help Break RINO Hold of Senate: So Why Is McConnell for the Democrat?

Judge Roy Moore will be the 52nd Republican vote in the US Senate and would help break the RINO #NeverTrump stranglehold on America.

Maybe that explains why Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t want him.
Then he’d have to pass Trump’s conservative agenda!

GOP Leader Mitch McConnell is for the Democrat Doug Jones.
McConnell is embarrassed about the 38-year-old shoddy accusations against Roy Moore by the liberal media.
And if Jones wins then he has an excuse for his failed leadership.

Mitch McConnell is afraid of his shadow.

The good news is that Mitch McConnell may not get his wish.

Judge Roy Moore holds a 23 point lead in the PredictIt Market.

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