Judge Roy Moore GOES OFF! “This Is an Effort of Mitch McConnell to “Steal This Election!” (VIDEO)

Judge Roy Moore spoke at a press conference Thursday with supporters in Alabama.

Judge Moore went off on Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and blamed him for the latest attempts by opponents to destroy his campaign.

Judge Roy Moore told supporters, “This is an effort of Mitch McConnell to steal this election… Mitch McConnell should step down!”


Moore said the people of Alabama will not stand for it!

Judge Moore then said he received a call from a “big magazine” asking him to step down. He slammed Mitch McConnell and said he should be the one to step down as cheers erupted.


Roy Moore is not intimidated by swamp creature McConnell one bit. In fact he taunted McConnell Wednesday night in a short, hard hitting tweet.

Moore slammed Mitch McConnell again Thursday morning for his double standard in how he is dealing with Al Franken sexual assault accusations.

BAM! Step down Mitch McConnell!

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