Judge Moore Attorneys Tease First Legal Action Against Media For ‘Defamation’

Attorneys for Judge Roy Moore sent the Alabama Media Group a letter notifying the company of their intent to sue for reporting on sexual harassment allegations against the GOP Alabama Senate candidate.

“Attorney For Alabama Media Group confirms they received a letter from Roy Moore’s attorney notifying them of intent to sue for “false reporting” related to Moore and the Foundation For Moral Law,” tweeted FOX 6 reporter Johnathan Hardison.

Daily Wire reports:

On Tuesday evening, Judge Roy Moore, answering the allegations that have been made accusing him of sexual harassment, initiated his first legal action in response to what he regards as defamation, giving notice of a lawsuit he and his wife Kayla intend to file against the Alabama Media Group.

The letter to the media group accuses the media group of making false reports and/or careless reporting, reporting that a “fifth woman” had accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, and inaccurately reporting income paid by the Foundation for Moral Law, of which Kayla Moore is the president.

The letter also takes issue with the report that Roy Moore signed the yearbook of an accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, and adds that the media group has allowed general slander against Moore and his wife, including that Moore was “banned” from the Gadsden Mall, was on a watch list for the mall, and had a reputation for “predatory behavior.”

Credit: Steve Deace



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