Here’s the Guy Who Deactivated Trump’s Twitter Account…Muslim? (VIDEO)

The Twitter employee who deactivated President Trump’s Twitter account revealed himself to Tech Crunch in an interview which was published Wednesday.

President Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated on November 2nd for 11 minutes.
A search for realDonaldTrump did not yield the President’s account.

The president’s account was later restored.

Twitter later reported on the incident– It was a Customer Support Employee on his last day at Twitter!

It turns out that he’s a Turkish guy living in Germany named Bahtiyar Duysak. The majority of Turkish people are Muslim. Is Bahtiyar a Muslim who may have had an ax to grind with President Trump for his travel ban and strong stance against Islamic terrorism?

Via TechCrunch:

Reporters started immediately trying to find the now-former Twitter contractor to try to figure out what happened. If it was an accident, how could it happen? If it was intentional, why did it happen?

We were among those looking for the contractor, and through a string of events found out his name, Bahtiyar Duysak, and got him to agree to talk to us in a town in Germany.

Duysak, a twenty-something with Turkish roots who was born and raised in Germany, was workingas a contractor for a fixed term for the last part of his stay in the U.S. under a work and study visa. In addition to his role at Twitter with Pro Unlimited, other assignments had included stints in monetization at Google and YouTube via another contractor, Vaco.

Duysak says he was tired and ‘mistakenly’ deleted Trump’s account. Yeah, okay.

He insists he didn’t break any laws or hack anyone and kept claiming everything was a coincidence.

He says he decided to come forward and reveal himself because he was getting stalked by reporters.

TechCrunch also reported that the FBI is not investigating him at the moment, although Twitter has apparently attempted to get more information from him. Duysak has chosen not to reply.

The interview is a little hard to get through between Duysak’s incoherent excuses and the liberal lop of an eyesore telling him he deserves a prize.

Video of interview with Duysak via TechCrunch:

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