It’s Happening=> Republicans Are Fleeing Swamp Creature McConnell in 2018 Primaries

Republicans are fleeing “toxic” Mitch McConnell going into the 2018 primaries.

McConnell is being chewed up and spit out in the harsh political world of ‘what have you done for me lately?’.

POLITICO reports:


Even in some of the red and purple states represented by Democratic senators where McConnell is hoping to pad his majority — places like Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin — the leading candidates are dodging questions about McConnell’s leadership or threatening to oppose him if the GOP Congress doesn’t deliver on the party’s legislative priorities in the coming months.

A few Senate candidates are outright spurning him, aligning themselves with former White House strategist Steve Bannon. Both Democrats and Republicans think President Donald Trump has simultaneously elevated McConnell in importance and blamed him for the slow pace of Republican legislating, including the failure to repeal Obamacare. The result is a GOP Senate leader few candidates want to publicly align with, even if they’re likely to support him if they arrive in Washington.

Corey Stewart, the Trump-aligned local elected official in Virginia who narrowly lost this year’s GOP primary for governor and is now challenging Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, said he encountered little backing for McConnell while traveling the state.

Stewart said, “The guy’s toxic. There’s no support for him, even among the establishment. He hasn’t been able to pass the president’s agenda.”

GOP Senators recognize McConnell’s well-funded operation, however; even with millions of dollars in his favor, he still can’t win over voters.

Bannon-backed MAGA candidates are winning on the populist, pro-Trump agenda while RINO swamp creatures are kicked to the curb.

POLITICO reported on Bannon’s role in effectively derailing McConnell: “Why are Republicans candidates tweeting out selfies with Steve Bannon, while at the same time doing everything they can to publicly distance themselves from McConnell?” Andy Surabian, a top aide to Bannon, asked rhetorically. “Because they know that McConnell is an albatross, not only in GOP primaries, but more importantly in general elections.”

Other Senators keep their disdain for McConnell quiet or take subtle jabs at the RINO dinosaur, but the sentiment throughout the Senate is that McConnell needs to go.

McConnell’s most recent gamble against the voters is attacking Alabama Senate hopeful Judge Moore. It is well known that McConnell is spending millions of dollars to derail Moore and will do so even if the end result is seating a Democrat.

As TGP’s Jim Hoft reported Judge Roy Moore will be the 52nd Republican vote in the US Senate and would help break the RINO #NeverTrump stranglehold on America.

Maybe that explains why Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t want him.
Then he’d have to pass Trump’s conservative agenda!

GOP Leader Mitch McConnell is for the Democrat Doug Jones.
McConnell is embarrassed about the 38-year-old shoddy accusations against Roy Moore by the liberal media.
And if Jones wins then he has an excuse for his failed leadership.

Judge Roy Moore holds a 23 point lead in the PredictIt Market once again proving McConnell to be ineffective.

2018 will be another victory for Trump supporters as RINO hacks are voted out and we continue to drain the swamp.

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