Hannity is on a Roll! SLAMS Soros’ Media Matters Hack in Epic Tweetstorm

As previously reported, Keurig faced a huge backlash by outraged fans of conservative heavyweight Sean Hannity after the company caved to Soros’ Media Matters after the group smeared Hannity over his comments about Alabama Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore.

Conservatives destroyed their Keurig machines and posted the videos to social media in protest.

Hannity called out Keurig Monday morning, asking them if they care that they blindly listened to the Media Matters hack, Angelo Carusone.


Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort sent a memo to Keurig employees apologizing for ‘taking sides’ as reported by Erik Wemple via WaPo: Keurig still won’t be advertising on Hannity’s show!

The Wrap published an article titled, “Fox News Should Fire Sean Hannity, Media Matters Head Says: ‘Uniquely Destructive'” which caused Hannity to go off on Media Matters.

My question to you mean this guy? says this? The president of a group that wants every conservative fired?


Sources Claim David Brock’s Media Matters Has Hidden $1,052,500 From The IRS Since 2010 .

Hannity then asked fake news WaPo, NYT and NBC News why they quote “racist and bigot” Carusone.

So should be fired? Why do you and others quote a racist and bigot?

Hannity then tweeted ‘The Big Lie of Media Matters’ linking to an article exposing Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone for being a hateful racist and bigot.

Hannity always fights back against Media Matters’ lies. Conservatives are constantly under attack by this evil organization funded by George Soros.

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