HANNITY DROPS BOMBSHELL ON PANEL: ‘Sources Tell Me We Are All Being Surveilled Illegally’ (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Sean Hannity dropped a bombshell on his show Tuesday night. He said he, and his entire panel of guests are being illegally surveilled, according to sources. 

Sean Hannity was speaking to a panel of guests about the Russia dossier Tuesday evening. Circa News’ Sara Carter, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow and John Solomon of The Hill all appeared on Hannity’s show to discuss the new developments of the Russia dossier.

Circa News’ Sara Carter said the pieces of the puzzle are coming together after Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testified before the House Intel Committee.


Hannity responded by saying, “by the way, sources tell me that all of us are being surveilled illegally.”



TGP reported in April, according to reports, Fox News’ Sean Hannity was also caught up in the Obama administration’s surveillance and unmasking scandal. Sean Hannity was a guest on ‘Rose Unplugged‘ and gave his reaction to these allegations.

Hannity said in August he is prepared to sue the Obama administration if it is revealed he was subject to illegal NSA ‘unmasking.’

Now sources are telling Hannity that not is only is he being surveilled, but so is Trump’s attorney, Jay Selulow, Sara Carter and John Solomon.

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