Hah! Whiny #NeverTrump Website Butt-Hurt That Even Politico Knows They’re Inconsequential

Oh good grief.

It’s been a very difficult year for the whiny #NeverTrump crowd.

It’s been especially hard since President Trump is exceeding even his own expectations!

The stock market continues to set record high after record high, the unemployment rate is at a 20 year low,including the rate for blacks and Hispanics, and Trump’s foreign policy triumphs continue to impress the global community.

Several #NeverTrump operations have found themselves without much of an audience these days.
Their hatred for Trump ruined their publications and their audience numbers.

The worst abuser is the former conservative site RedState. (Redstate headline above)
The website was once a conservative news source. Today it’s just a troll site still butt-hurt over the election of Donald Trump.

On Thursday Politico published a report trashing conservative media for not focusing their day on the Virginia primaries earlier in the week. The very blue state of Virginia voted in a Democrat governor and won several legislative seats. Hillary won Virginia by 5 points which tells you how out of reach the commonwealth is today for conservative candidates.

Politico treated Tuesday’s Democrat wins in blue New Jersey and blue Virginia as a wave election! They insisted it was a referendum on President Donald Trump.
Conservative media mostly ignored the predictable results. in fact, we now know that GOP candidate Ed Gillespie REFUSED to campaign with President Trump. He lost by 7 points.

Politico cited FOX News, Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit and Infowars.

RedState whined after they were not included.

Seriously? A former conservative site that trashed President Trump on nearly a daily basis wonders why nobody takes them seriously?

The irony is rich.
RedState could start a new chapter by apologizing to their base and the conservatives they abused.
But they are too unglued to do that. They will continue to trash The Gateway Pundit instead.

RedState should pipe down or we’ll send them to their room for timeout.

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