Hah-Hah! Donna Brazile Now Claims She Never Said Hillary ‘Rigged’ Primary and Lashes Out at Trump

What a Trainwreck–
Former DNC temporary Chairwoman Donna Brazile turned on Hillary Clinton this week.

The former party chair claimed Hillary has been controlling the DNC Victory Funds since before she got the nomination. Brazile also said the funding arrangement with HFA and the Victory Fund agreement was unethical and it compromised the party’s integrity.

In other words, Hillary rigged the election.


The mainstream media refused to report on the scandal but not President Trump.
Trump UNLOADED on Crooked Hillary and the DNC today!

This was epic!

Poor Donna. The backlash must have been horrible.

Today she took back the whole thing.
She’s now saying she did not accuse the DNC of rigging the system!

You just can’t make this stuff up!

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