Hah! Donna Brazile on Hillary’s Donald Duck Protest: I Told an Aide “Kill the F*cking Duck! G*ddamit! “


Last August the lame and uninspired Democrat Party resorted to sending a mascot dressed as Donald Duck to stand petulantly outside of Trump Tower in New York.

It was low energy.

Donald Duck was supposed to represent Donald Trump ducking from releasing his tax returns on his multi-billion dollar business.



Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile wrote in her book about the strange stunt in her book. Brazile said that Hillary Clinton approved the idiotic plan! This was despite the fact that Hillary was hiding emails, deleting emails, and bleaching her servers.

Brazile told her aide to, “Kill the f*cking duck! G*ddamit!”
The New York Post reported:
Hillary Clinton personally OK’d a plan to have protesters dress in Donald Duck costumes to disrupt Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, a stunt that led to a clash with Donna Brazile, former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Brazile wrote in her book about the 2016 election out Tuesday that she became infuriated by “the idiocy” of the duck plan, according to Yahoo News.

Later, when she was told Clinton came up with the idea of using the orange-billed cartoon character to call attention to Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns and was using the impersonators at rallies, Brazile told one of her aides, “Kill the f—ing duck, goddamit,”

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