Guess Who’s Spotted at NYC Times Square Antifa Rally? …The Crazy Cop-Bashing Professor!

Antifa protests were held today against Trump, America, capitalism, white privilege, etc. were held in at least 20 cities across the USA.

Most of the rallies were complete failures like the event in Cincinnati with around 30 people.

The protest in Philly was equally embarrassing.

In New York City the protest was very low energy but respectable size.

Guess who was seen in the crowd shot in Times Square today?

Antifa activist and professor Mike Isaacson!


Isaacson went on with Tucker Carlson in September and argued that Antifa terrorists have a right to beat people they disagree with.

Professor Isaacson was later suspended for this dead cops tweet.

Today Mike Isaacson was back on the street protesting with Antifa.
Some things never change.

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