Giant Iconic American Flag in Tucson Taken Down and Burned

A 20-by-30 foot American flag that flew high above a car dealership in Tucson, Arizona was taken down and totally torched early Friday morning. An eyewitness who called police also informed the dealership that he had seen two teens around 4:30 a.m. standing by a fire at the flagpole at Quebedeaux Mitsubishi. The dealership has prominently flown a large American flag for decades. The flag has become such an icon in the community that planes at air shows reportedly dip their wings in respect.

Terry Hatton with Q Mitsubishi spoke with Tucson radio host James T. Harris on KQTH-FM on Monday about the flag burning. He said the dealership has a replacement flag and is hoping to have the pole repaired and flag raised by Veterans Day this Saturday.

Hatton posted about the flag burning to Facebook:


So I am a little at a loss for words to try and describe how this feels …. Here goes ….at Quebedeaux Mitsubishi we have flown a 20 X 30 ft American flag over the lot proudly since day one The jets from Davis-Monthan tip their wings to this proud flag during fly by and most folks driving down Speedway in either direction ,enjoy the red white and blue as she curls And unfurls over speedway reminding all of us that we are free by the grace of god and the fighting men that have given their lives and sacrificed family and friends to keep us FREE … Last night some piece of shit lowered our flag to the ground and soaked it in some sort of fuel and burned our beloved old glory at the bottom of the pole…. This individual has assaulted every one at Quebedeaux Automotive and we will not forget !!!!!!! If you are so brazen to offend all all of us …. Stand up and take credit for your actions you Dirt Back…. Brag about your bravery lowering the flag in the middle of the night so that you can remain hidden like the cowering coward that are….. Please everyone share this and let them know it will not Be tolerated call 602 418 0044 if you know anything about this ……#qmitsubishi

Photos and video show the flag was burnt to black ashes and the pole damaged.

Image by Terry Hatton via Facebook.

Image by Terry Hatton via Facebook.

Google Street View via Free Republic.

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