German Judge Forces Anti-Immigrant Party Members to Notify Landlords of Membership to Party

Members of the anti-immigrant AfD party in Germany are being forced to tell their landlords about their membership to the party.

AfD members are frequently targeted for violence and vandalism by unhinged leftists.
So rather than focus on the criminals — the judge is forcing the victims to announce themselves.

That way landlords can discriminate against the AfD members.
This is a stunning development — even for Germany!

Far left antifa members battle police in Germany.


It makes you think of the Jews who were once forced to wear yellow badges in Germany to identify themselves to the public, right?

Pamela Geller reported:

A judge in Göttingen, Germany has declared that AfD members must inform their landlords of their party membership. Supposedly being a member of “right-wing” AfD makes them targets for violence and vandalism. If that’s true, it’s the fault of Muslims in Germany, not AfD members. It is an extremely dangerous sign for the future if people in Markel’s Germany must now declare their political affiliations, at least if they’re on what the enemedia call the “far right,” in order to apply for housing. This is obvious and unacceptable discrimination. Germany is once again becoming a fascist state.

“Court dispute for lease: defeat for Göttingen AfD politician,” translated from “Gerichtsstreit um Mietvertrag: Niederlage für Göttinger AfD-Politiker,” HNA, November 2, 2017 (thanks to Lisa):

Goettingen. The state chairman of the young AfD organization Young Alternative, Lars Steinke, has to look for a new apartment due to a court decision.

The local court Göttingen was now a claim for annulment of his landlady instead. Reason: The 24-year-old had concealed his landlady that he could be a potential target for left-wing violence because of his political activities. According to the court, he should have informed her about his special role, because this could also affect the rental property, a spokesman said. Since he failed to do so, the lease was made by fraudulent misrepresentation and thus void.

The 24-year-old moved to the apartment in Göttingen in July 2017. Several months later, the landlady moved to court to challenge the lease – with success: The district court Göttingen referred in its decision on the relevant case law of the Federal Court. Accordingly, there is a fraudulent deception even if someone conceals facts about which a contractor in good faith can expect clarification. For example, a car salesman must point out when a used car had an accident.

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