Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich’s UMass Speech Delayed By School Due To ‘Security Concerns’

Following the absurd request by UMass Boston on Monday that revolved around the Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich needing to change the name of his upcoming talk, which was to be titled “It Is OK to Be White”, the college went ahead and put up another extremely aggravating barrier.

Wintrich, who was scheduled to speak Friday, November 17 at UMass Boston, was informed Tuesday that due to security not being available for the previously scheduled speech, his talk must be pushed back until the much later date of February. This is not atypical for college campuses during this new era of active censorship.

Wintrich commented:

“After 12 hours non-stop on the phone trying to negotiate this out, it’s disappointing that we were told the only recourse is to postpone until February because of security (a regular excuse with universities and colleges when conservatives are scheduled to speak). If we’re waiting three months, I expect the tanks and the national guard on my arrival.”

The censorship that Wintrich is facing, as he noted, is not new and at this point it is coming off as formulaic as the “security costs” seem to be the repeat factor and tactic that campuses are using to keep conservative speakers from getting their ideas out to an audience of college students.


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