Former Secret Service Agent Who Worked with Hillary Savages Clinton Over ‘Missing’ Emails

Monday, the fake news media selectively leaked 3 private (edited) Twitter messages between Don Jr. and Wikileaks as if it was a ‘smoking gun’ Russian collusion revelation. 

Don Jr., being transparent, subsequently tweeted out the entire chain of messages. Clearly he has nothing to hide.

Meanwhile Hillary’s 33,000 emails are STILL missing. But who’s counting?


Former Secret Service Agent who worked for Devil Hillary slammed her for her lack of transparency and asked her when she will be releasing her ‘missing emails’.

The Atlantic leaked transcripts of private messages between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks. It appears Twitter, the Democrats and the mainstream media have all teamed up in an attempt to kick up more Russia collusion hysteria

Shortly after The Atlantic’s piece went viral, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted that contents of the piece appear to be edited.

Donald Trump Jr. once again slapped fake news in the face by releasing the ENTIRE chain of messages and said the Congressional Committees chose to ‘selectively leak’!
Enter Dan Bongino…

“Dear Hillary, This is what TRANSPARENCY looks like when you have nothing to hide. Try it sometime. BTW, when can we expect those 30,000 missing emails? People want to know.”

Of course Bongino’s tweet immediately went viral. Bongino worked with Hillary and knows what she is like firsthand. He routinely slams her for her criminal behavior.

The fake news media is hysterical over THREE private messages between Don Jr and Wikileaks, yet they completely ignore Hillary’s 33,000 ‘missing’ emails and the fact that she paid $10 million+ for a fake Russia dossier to spy on and smear Trump. Unbelievable.

As previously reported, a federal judge tossed out a lawsuit last Thursday claiming the FBI exhausted all of its resources to find all of Hillary’s ‘missing’ emails.

But we can all sleep at night knowing Mueller has 17 radical left-wing lawyers costing taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars searching for a unicorn named ‘Trump-Russia collusion’.

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