Former Berkeley College Republican President to Sue Commie Leader, Alleges ‘Political Intimidation’

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The former president of the Berkeley College Republicans is filing a lawsuit against By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) leader Yvette Felarca, telling Gateway Pundit that her and the organization abused the legal system for the purpose of political intimidation.

Troy Worden filed two motions against the Antifa activist following a restraining order that she had filed against him being dropped. The order had been granted after Felarca alleged that the student had been “stalking her” on account of him “staring at her” on two occasions on campus — where she is not a student.

“I am glad that we are no longer playing defense and that we are finally going after BAMN for filing this frivolous action,” Worden said in a press release about the motions.


Worden and his attorney, Mark Meuser, filed two motions seeking $100,000 in fees, costs and sanctions against Felarca and her attorney Shanta Driver, who is the National Chair and founder of BAMN, last Tuesday. Felarca is currently out on bail for charges of assault, resisting arrest, and inciting a riot.

“Felarca’s frivolous restraining order was a thinly-veiled attempt to restrict my First- and Second-Amendment rights on the most dangerous campus for conservative students in the nation, UC Berkeley, the supposed ‘home of the Free Speech Movement,’” Worden told The Gateway Pundit. “Felarca, a non-student, attempted to prevent me from engaging in political activism and getting an education simply because of my convictions.”

Meuser has filed sanctions against Driver because, he wrote, that as an attorney she “should have known that the motion was frivolous and that it was brought for the improper purpose of restricting Worden’s rights.”

“Felarca and her attorney attempted to make free speech expensive and it is time that they pay for their misuse of the court system,” said Meuser.

“I am grateful for my attorney Mark Meuser and the Dhillon Law Group for fighting this tooth and nail and recovering my constitutional rights. We look forward to stopping Felarca and her organization By Any Means Necessary’s abuse of the legal system for the purpose of political intimidation,” Worden told The Gateway Pundit.

BAMN, a far-left anarchist group, has claimed involvement in the February riot surrounding the UC Berkeley campus where Milo Yiannopoulos had been scheduled to speak, announcing proudly in a press release that they were one of the “organizers of Berkeley’s shutdown of white neo-fascist Milo Yiannopoulos.”

The group is perhaps best known for a 2016 incident in which they showed up to a rally held by the white-nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party outside the California state capitol building in Sacramento. The militant group was confrontational with the white-nationalists within minutes of arrival, and ten people were stabbed and hospitalized in a bloody fight. Police have verified through videos taken by members of the group, news organizations, and bystanders, that BAMN initiated the violence.

In 2005, BAMN was identified by the FBI as “thought to be involved in terrorist activities.”


Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story stated Worden already filed the lawsuit against Felarca. Two motions have been filed at the time of this report and a lawsuit will be filed next.

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