Figures. Uber-Liberal Daniel Negreanu Caught in Blackface – So Which is More Vile, His Hypocrisy or His Racism?

Today’s lesson: People in blackface living in glass houses should not throw stones

Earlier this week actor James Woods SLAMMED Trump-hating poker player Daniel Negreanu for smearing him — without proof — of chasing 16-year-old girls.

James Woods tweeted:

“Say it like a man to my face, you cowardly piece of shit. Say it as a statement of fact, so If you have any money left, you might actually be worth suing, unlike these other losers with no money and big mouths. And how old was Evelyn Ng when you were her “mentor,” you hypocrite?”

Now this…


There is video of liberal #DanielNegreanu doing a YouTube video doing BLACKFACE!

So which is more vile, his hypocrisy or his racism?

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