Fauxcahontas Turns on Crooked Hillary – Agrees Primary Was Rigged in Clinton’s Favor “This is a Real Problem” (VIDEO)

Former DNC temporary Chairwoman Donna Brazile turned on Hillary Clinton and exposed the underbelly of the corrupt DNC.

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren also piled on Hillary Clinton claiming the Democrats have to hold the party accountable, ultimately agreeing the DNC was rigged in Clinton’s favor.

Even Crooked Hillary’s BFF Fauxcahontas couldn’t spin this scandal in a positive way.

CNN’s Fake Tapper asked Warren about the Donna Brazile bombshell alleging Hillary was essentially money laundering and in control of the entire the DNC’s operations.


Warren called it a “real problem” and agreed with Tapper that the DNC was indeed rigged in Hillary’s favor.

Video via Washington Free Beacon:

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