Donna Brazile Wanted to Replace Sick Hillary After She Fainted and Was Chucked Into Van Like Side of Beef

Former interim Chairwoman of the DNC Donna Brazile rocked the political world after she dropped a bombshell revealing the underbelly of the DNC, exposing Hillary’s dirty tricks to secure the nomination. 

It turns out that Hillary’s health problems were serious enough for Donna Brazile to consider replacing her with Biden as the 2016 Dem nominee!

The Washington Post obtained a copy of Brazile’s explosive memoir in advance. An excerpt from WaPo details how horrified Donna Brazile and others in the DNC were about Hillary’s ill health. In fact, Hillary was so sick that Brazile and others discussed replacing her with Biden as the Dem nominee:


Brazile describes in wrenching detail Clinton’s bout with pneumonia. On Sept. 9, she saw the nominee backstage at a Manhattan gala and she seemed “wobbly on her feet” and had a “rattled cough.” Brazile recommended Clinton see an acupuncturist.

Two days later, Clinton collapsed as she left a Sept. 11 memorial service at Ground Zero in New York. Brazile blasts the campaign’s initial efforts to shroud details of her health as “shameful.”

Whenever Brazile got frustrated with Clinton’s aides, she writes, she would remind them that the DNC charter empowered her to initiate the replacement of the nominee. If a nominee became disabled, she explains, the party chair would oversee a complicated process of filling the vacancy that would include a meeting of the full DNC.

After Clinton’s fainting spell, some Democratic insiders were abuzz with talk of replacing her — and Brazile says she was giving it considerable thought.

“Again and again I thought about Joe Biden,” Brazile writes. But, she adds, “No matter my doubts and my fears about the election and Hillary as a candidate, I could not make good on that threat to replace her.”

Oh but Hillary’s health problems were just a vast right-wing conspiracy according to Hillary and the media sycophants.

The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart News were correct. Hillary’s health problems were serious enough to have people in her own circle saying she was unfit to be President.

Don’t believe your lying eyes! Hillary getting chucked into her ambulance/hearse like a side of beef is no big deal!

Or the coughing fits…it’s just allergies, guys! Stop being so dramatic! Here is one of the worst coughing fits she had in Cleveland: Video via RSBN (she literally sounds like death)

Hillary couldn’t even walk up steps without assistance!

Many believe these to be anti-seizure glasses!

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