Democrat Al Franken ‘Jokes’ About Gay Man’s Murder: “I Don’t Like Homosexuals – Was Glad When Pudding Homosexual Got Killed”

Al Franken: “I just don’t like homosexuals… Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.”

Democrat Al Franken does not just have a history of abusing women and cracking baby rape jokes.

Back in 1976 Al Franken joked about the murder of a gay man in Philadelphia.

This interview was published in the Harvard Crimson in 1976.


Democrat Al Franken laughed about a homosexual being killed:

“He recalled writing a skit called “Seamen on Broadway” that was rejected from the Hasty Pudding show “by some preppie so they could take some other preppie’s skit.” Franken started to smile again, but his tone was serious, too serious. “It’s not preppies, cause I’m a preppie myself. I just don’t like homosexuals. If you ask me, they’re all homosexuals in the Pudding. Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.The smile became so broad it pushed his eyes shut. He couldn’t stand it any longer. “Put that in, put that in,” Franken laughed, leaning over the desk. “I’d love to see that in The Crimson.””

For more context in 2005 Mike Adams at Frontpage discussed the murder Franken thought was so funny.

For those who don’t get this “fair mean” joke, Franken is attacking Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club, which is a humorous dramatic society – one that never invited Franken to join while he was at Harvard. So, naturally, when you are snubbed by an organization, it is “fair” to rejoice when one of its members is murdered. This is especially true if the person murdered is gay and the person snubbed is liberal.

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