After Deafening Silence on Texas Mass Shooting, Hillary Posts Obnoxious Tweet – Gets DESTROYED on Twitter

Hillary Clinton waited almost a full week to say something about the Texas mass shooting which claimed the lives of 27 Christians (including an unborn baby) who were faithfully attending a church service in Sutherland Springs.

If Muslims were gunned down in a Mosque, Hillary would have been the first to condemn the shooting and offer her thoughts.

It is also important to note that after 27 Christians were gunned down and killed and many more injured by an atheist, Hillary Clinton sent out SIXTEEN tweets about Democrat elections and HERSELF before uttering a peep about the massacre. Despicable.


Hillary sent out an obnoxious tweet pushing the false narrative that background check laws would have prevented this massacre. The truth is, the Air Force failed to put the shooter Devin Kelley’s name into the national criminal database which would have prevented him from purchasing a gun.

“I’ve thought a lot about the church massacre last Sunday. What can anyone say equal to the horror & grief? We should act to prevent future killings by expanding & fully funding background checks. 94% of Americans support them, it should be the law,” Hillary tweeted.

Government agencies failed the American people by not adding Kelley’s name to a database while law abiding citizens with guns pursued the shooter, ultimately saving lives. Hillary would rather push a false narrative than admit the answer isn’t ‘more government’.

Hillary got pummeled by conservatives…

Editor’s note: The Gateway Pundit counts the pregnant mother who was killed in Sunday’s mass shooting as two people. The author of this article is a pro-life Christian and values the life of the unborn.

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