Crooked Cop Comey Officially ‘Comes Out’ on Twitter

Crooked cop Comey has been ‘undercover’ on Twitter under the name ‘Reinhold Niebuhr since 2014.

In March, Gizmodo sleuth Ashley Feinberg figured out which account he was operating in stealth.

Comey sent out a series of cryptic tweets in the last couple of weeks, taking jabs at President Trump. He is now fully out on Twitter and even changed his handle to @Comey. Twitter also verified his account with a blue check mark.

Comey sent out a tweet, “Here’s my new handle. Glad to be part of the Twitterverse. Grateful to Reinhold for the cover these last few years.”


Ashley Feinberg revealed Comey’s connection to the name ‘Reinhold Niebuhr’.

By senior year, Comey was a double major in religion and chemistry, writing a senior thesis on theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and televangelist Jerry Falwell and on his way to the University of Chicago Law School.”

Comey’s arrogance is astounding. The name of his new book ‘A Higher Loyalty’ is a slap in the face to Americans. He let Hillary Clinton off the hook knowing she put the country in danger exchanging classified info on her private server.

Even his Twitter bio is nauseating. “Formerly , past FBI Director, current husband and father, writing and speaking about ethical leadership, taller and funnier in person.”

Speaking about “ethical leadership”? Seriously?

Comey needs to be fully investigated. Paging AG Sessions!

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