CNN Hack Acosta Asks if Roy Moore is “a Creep” – Ignores Photo of Dem Senator Franken Groping Woman (VIDEO)

Very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta proved once again he’s a left-wing hack. 

Acosta asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thursday if she thinks Roy Moore is “a creep”.

A photo of a sitting Senator groping a woman who is asleep and defenseless is dominating the news cycle and Acosta ignores it completely and brings up Roy Moore.


There is ZERO evidence Roy Moore sexually assaulted women, but Acosta thinks he may be a creep.

Senator Franken admits to sexually assaulting a woman and this liberal snake in the press pool doesn’t ask questions about him!

Here, Acosta…you wanna see a creep? Take a look at this picture of DEMOCRAT SENATOR Al Franken groping a woman who is asleep!


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