“Champion of Women” Elizabeth Warren Won’t Tell Groper Al Franken to Resign (VIDEO)

She pretends to be a champion of women – but she’s really just a hack.

Elizabeth Warren won’t tell groper Al Franken to resign.

Of course, she didn’t.
He’s a Democrat!

Here’s how Liawatha Warren dodged the question like a champ.

Elizabeth Warren: “So, look, I was just enormously disappointed about this. I knew Senator Franken long before he was Senator Franken. These allegations are serious and women have a right to be heard and listened to on this. Al’s going to be subjected to a hearing in the United States Senate. We’ve had for a long time now a bipartisan Ethics Committee that meets on a regular basis and he’s going to go in and answer… This is a moment in America, as I see it. The question is whether this is a big moment where there’s a big flash and nothing really changes. Or is this a moment where there’s real change?

What a complete fraud she is.

Via Hannity:

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