BUSTED: Mother of Roy Moore Accuser Contradicts Key Detail of Daughter’s Sexual Advancement Claim

They say if you want to catch a liar, merely let them talk. In the case of Judge Roy Moore accuser Leigh Corfman, just let her mother talk.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Corfman’s mother Nancy Wells contradicted a key detail of her daughter’s sexual advancement claim against the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

As Breitbart News reporter Aaron Klein noted on Sunday, “Wells, 71, says that her daughter did not have a phone in her bedroom during the period that Moore is reported to have allegedly called Corfman – purportedly on Corfman’s bedroom phone – to arrange at least one encounter.”

Breitbart News reports:

Citing Corfman, the Postreported:

After her mother went into the courtroom, Corfman says, Moore asked her where she went to school, what she liked to do and whether he could call her sometime. She remembers giving him her number and says he called not long after. She says she talked to Moore on her phone in her bedroom, and they made plans for him to pick her up at Alcott Road and Riley Street, around the corner from her house.

Soon after, Corfman said, he called again, and picked her up again at the same spot.


Corfman clearly claimed she spoke to Moore on what she said was “her phone in her bedroom” on at least one of those occasions. The Post did not specify whether the second or third alleged calls purportedly took place on a bedroom phone.

Wells, Corfman’s mother, was asked by Breitbart News: “Back then did she have her own phone in her room or something?”

“No,” she replied matter-of-factly. “But the phone in the house could get through to her easily.”

On the face of it, Moore’s detractors may purport the location of Corfman’s phone matters little, but as Klein points out “The Post story relies heavily on Corfman’s memory and her ability to recount events consistently.”

If Corfman cannot accurately recall if Moore called a phone in her room, what else was falsely claimed?

The Gateway Pundit’s reporting on Corfman’s past went viral over the weekend. Our report detailed Corfman’s past as a three times divorcee who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times.

Leigh Corfman says she was 14 years old when a 32-year-old assistant district attorney, Roy Moore, made a sexual advancement on her. According to reports, Corfman appears to be a ‘real piece of work.’

“Purportedly Moore’s main accuser Leigh Corfman has had three divorces, filed for bankruptcy three times, and has been charged with multiple misdemeanors. Posts on Moore’s FB page indicate that Corfman, has claimed several pastors at various churches made sexual advances at her,” tweeted Newsmax’s James Hirsen on Friday.

The Star reports:

She says that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.

As the years went on, Corfman says, she did not share her story about Moore partly because of the trouble in her life. She has had three divorces and financial problems. While living in Arizona, she and her second husband started a screen-printing business that fell into debt. They filed for bankruptcy protection three times, once in 1991 with $139,689 in unpaid claims brought by the Internal Revenue Service and other creditors, according to court records.

In 2005, Corfman paid a fine for driving a boat without lights. In 2010, she was working at a convenience store when she was charged with a misdemeanor for selling beer to a minor. The charge was dismissed, court records show.

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft previously reported, Alabama Judge Roy Moore received several standing ovations on Saturday after he publicly refuted the trash report this week by the Washington Post about inappropriate sexual advances on a young teenage girl nearly 40 years ago.

Judge Roy Moore says he will release a report in the coming days that will reveal the motivations behind the WaPo hit piece.

Moore blasted the liberal media for pushing the trash report just four weeks before the Alabama senate election.
The crowd at his Veterans Day speech supported Judge Roy Moore 100%.