Briefing Room Game Play: Friday, November 17th 2017

Friday afternoon, 50 with a light breeze and D.C. has found a rut to fall into in the form of the White House daily briefings the home team is still consistently winning.

Early in the first quarter of the briefing, April Ryan of American Urban Radio tried to goad press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with a backhanded comment she received from Hillary Clinton. Sanders is a dominant rookie this year who’s stats consistently show her to be a major player in the perceivable future.

Sanders picked on Ryan. “April,” she muttered, her face stern and resolute like a championship player of vast seniority. By all accounts, Ryan is a veteran player with few overall quality outings to her name and her stats over the course of her career plainly demonstrate that. Ryan is best known for taking victory laps when no victory was actually made, and then hawking her poorly selling book post-game.

“Sarah, is this an uncomfortable conversation about the sexual allegations for this White House, be it Al Franken or be it Roy Moore?”

“I think it’s an uncomfortable conversation for the country, I think that this is something that is being discussed pretty widely and we certainly think that it should be taken very seriously, and it’s one of the reasons I stand up here and answer your questions everyday and we’ll continue to do so and we’ll continue to address them,” Sanders replied. The opposing team of “journalists” went nuts for a chance to leapfrog off of what April Ryan had just put forward.

In a struggle to make her presence known over the eager crowd, Ryan, always a long shot, short-tempered and arrogant, rode the fleeting bits of allotted sound the producers in the briefing room afforded her to squeak out an unnecessary taunt. Ryan got into position – in her classic “raised eyebrow” stance before punting a followup:

“I talked to Hillary Clinton today about the president’s . . . past,” Ryan starts. “She said: ‘Look, I worry about everything from his past because it tells you how he behaves as the present and will in the future,’” Ryan grows more sanctimonious in her tone. “What do you say as it relates to these allegations against the president?”

Ryan fumbled, and Sanders, like a bolt of lightning that comes out of nowhere and put Ryan in her place, Sanders remarked: “I think Hillary Clinton probably should have dealt with some of those of her own issues before addressing this president, Alex.”

Fox’s John Roberts, another veteran player, attempted to make a joke today to embarrass the president, stating, “You’ve got six Republican senators either “no” or seriously on the fine here. Can you win enough over in order to pass this? And if the president gets snookered again by the Senate,” Robers and the rest of his MSM team giggled, “what’s his reaction going to be?”

“We certainly are still very confident that we’re going to get this package passed, and we’d love to see some of the Democrats come on board and support this historic piece of legislation that we feel will be one of the great legacies of this presidency.”

Roberts tried to gain lost footing, “The fact that you didn’t get any Democrats in the House, how does that portend for getting them in the Senate?”

“There’s always hope. We’ll hold out hope that Democrats in the Senate want to put partisan politics aside and put the people of this country first. We haven’t ruled it out, and we’re certainly going to keep pushing forward, and we’re still confident we’re going to get it done.”

“Safe to say the president will not be pleased if he gets snookered by the Senate again?

Sarah wasn’t having it, despite this, Roberts snickered indolently and had everyone around him giggling and hitting his arm like he was the class clown in Sister Mary Ann Hellen’s 5th-grade math class.

Overall: MSM once again relentlessly tried to make ground against the Administration, but Sanders was having none of it – standing firm she pushed back leading the White House into yet another victory.

MSM: 0

WH: 10

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