BREAKING: O’Keefe Strikes Again – Drops Undercover Bombshell Video Exposing WaPo’s Anti-Trump Agenda

James O’Keefe strikes again!

Monday, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, tweeted a video of Washington Post reporter Aaron Davis attempting to ambush the group’s imminent undercover bombshell video on the paper. 

The footage shows Davis following O’Keefe at an undisclosed location.

At the start of the clip, Davis appears to be asking O’Keefe about what the group is filming.

As previously reported, James O’Keefe released part one of his ‘American Pravda’ series with CNN on June 27th and subsequently released 2 more videos exposing CNN for reporting on the Russian collusion “Nothing Burger”.

Project Veritas also released a video of the New York Times video gatekeeper Nicholas Dudich, who was caught on hidden-camera boasting of his lack of journalistic ethics.

Now this….WaPo got dunked by Project Veritas in a new undercover video.

Leading up to the video release, WaPo reporters were panicking and stalking the Project Veritas headquarters!

Now this via Veritas:

(New York) In newly released undercover video, Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Joey Marburger speak to the paper’s hidden agenda. Evidently, covering Trump the way they do is good business, even though it’s fake news.

Marburger admits that Trump coverage is important to their success, even if the coverage isn’t always faithful: “It’s hard to get away from him [Trump], and people find it draining, but we think about that. If Trump just disappeared tomorrow, our traffic would drop by thirty percent. So we think about that.”

Dan Lamothe, National Security Reporter corroborates Marburger’s tone, stating “Woah, I work for that place?” referencing the excessive bias from the Editorial section. He continued:

“They definitely don’t like Trump. I mean here’s the thing though. There’s the news side that’s just trying to critically call bullshit when there’s bullshit, but also give him credit where there’s credit, you know? When something is good, and he’s doing more things bad, but he’s doing some of the things good.”

 Lamothe admitted that The Post receives a lot of criticism for their Trump coverage:

“Yeah, that would be a criticism. You’re spending a ton of time on this thing that’s sensational, versus… Some sort of policy thing that would affect everybody.”

Marburger confirms that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos who owns The Washington Post has influenced the Washington Post’s vision. Bezos is even credited with creating the Washington Post’s new motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

“The Washington Post came to our headquarters this to try to turn the tables on us, to kind of do what we do, said Project Veritas President James O’Keefe. “The difference is the major media has more of a problem with exposing the corruption than they do with the corruption itself. See, Washington Post, Democracy does die in darkness. But it also dies in silence too.


O’Keefe then teased “stay tuned because there are more videos to come.”

VIDEO via Project Veritas:

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