UPDATED: 3 Dead In Denver Walmart Shooting (VIDEO)

Three people have died in a shooting at a Denver Walmart. Two suspects on are the run.

“Shooting just occurred at Walmart, 9900 Grant St, multiple parties down. Please stay away from the area,” reported local police.

“Shopper sent me video of empty Walmart after customers evacuated after shooting at Thornton Walmart- 9900 Grant,” reported KDVR reporter Greg Nieto

Below is footage taken by William Crail, who is situated across the street from the scene.


Thornton Police Chief Nick Mets wished “prayers with the people of Thornton” and first responders.

Eyewitness account of shooting at Denver Walmart, per KMGH-TV reporter Ryan Luby.

“We just heard a bunch of shots,” a man told me via text from the Walmart in Thornton. Same witness at the Thornton Walmart told me he heard between 8-9 shots.”

Three people have died.

Denver Walmart employee describes shooting: “Everyone got down, everyone started screaming. It was crazy!”



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