BREAKING: Judge Roy Moore Takes Lead in Latest Polls – STEVE BANNON to Campaign with Moore Next Week!

This is breaking news from the Roy Moore campaign:

The Alabama Senate poll just released has Republican Roy Moore leading the Full Term Abortion Supporter Democrat Doug Jones. We your help we are dismantling the false accusations against Roy Moore and making “The Case For Roy Moore” directly to Alabama voters.

Louisiana-based JMC Analytics and Polling released its latest Senate poll on Wednesday morning with Moore holding a 5-point edge on Jones. Moore got 49 percent support to Jones’ 44 percent…

Steve Bannon will be campaigning for Judge Moore next week in Alabama. We will deliver his unedited powerful remarks directly to Alabama voters if you help us today.  The key to victory is to get several hundred thousand Trump voters who did not vote in the primary to get to the polls for Roy Moore.  We are helping them see these last minute attacks on Roy Moore are no different than what they did to Our President and with your help they will come out to stop Hillary Clinton Crony Doug Jones just as they did to stop Hillary.  We have moved up the beginning our our live links to nationwide donors. You won’t see the unedited truth in the media.  All donors that have given at least $5 in our runoff effort will receive a link to follow events live and then recorded at your convenience from your computer anywhere there is internet.  No Facebook or social media account is required to watch.  Link for next week’s events will be sent Sunday night to donors. Thousands of you nationwide joined us in the primary.

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