Bernie Sanders Official: We Were Told to Support Hillary or “Face Backlash Like Donna Brazile Is Receiving Now” (Video)

Former Bernie Sanders campaign official reacts to Hillary Clinton’s election rigging.

Tezlyn Figaro went on Hannity tonight to discuss Donna Brazile’s attacks on the DNC and the crooked Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Brazile is facing immense backlash since she spoke out against the rigged DNC primary election in 2016.

Tezlyn said delegates felt intimidated to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary or face backlash.

Tezlyn Figaro: For them to crucify her for speaking the truth is an injustice. No one is saying people went in and changed the voting machines. What we’re saying is the super-delegates, the 700 super-delegates… used their power to influence these communities. We went out to these locations and the people told us that they wanted to support Senator Sanders but could not because of the backlash that pretty much Donna Brazile is receiving now.

Via Hannity:

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