Antifa Activists Overwhelmed by Huge Trump Supporter Contingent in Austin, Texas — Forced to Slink Away (VIDEO)

Antifa protests were held today against Trump, America, capitalism, white privilege, etc. were held in at least 20 cities across the USA.

Owen Shroyer from went out to the Austin, Texas Antifa rally to cover the event in front of Austin City Hall.

According to Schroyer the antifa rally was a REAL DUD!

Owen Shroyer: Refuse Fascism launched their big protest nationwide and that is to end the Trump-Pence regime. It was nationwide. They spent millions of dollars on this. They bought full page ads in The New York Times. Today rolls around and it’s a dud. Here in Austin you had about 30 Trump protesters. You had about 50 police officers protecting them. And then you had about 200 or more Trump supporters out here – waving flags, American flags, Gadsden flags. Talking to one another, having a good time, singing the National Anthem (while standing!).

This is another excellent video by reporter Owen Shroyer.


Here is a shot of the counter protesters at today’s Trump rally.
The Trump supporters were carrying the US flags.

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