ANOTHER Woman Accuses Democrat Pervert John Conyers of Sexual Harassment ‘Suffered Unwanted Touching Daily’


Another woman accused pervert Democrat Rep. John Conyers of sexual harassment this year according to court filings. YUCK.

Conyers admitted to having knowledge of one of the settlements, however; he is still denying the allegations!

Buzzfeed reports:

A former scheduler in the Conyers’ office attempted to file a sealed lawsuit against him this February in the US District Court for the District of Columbia that alleges she suffered unwanted touching by the Democrat “repeatedly and daily.” She abandoned the lawsuit the next month, after the court denied her motion to seal the complaint.

The lawsuit centered on behavior that took place later, from 2015 to 2016, but involves similar allegations. The woman said that shortly after she started to work for Conyers he began to make sexual advances in the form of inappropriate comments and touching.

“These behaviors and actions were so common and pervasive that they created a hostile work environment,” she alleged.

Conyers is reportedly mentally incapacitated perhaps due to old age because this woman was hired to keep track of him and deliver his medication!

She also cited his “age and failing mental capacities” in the suit, saying she was hired, in part, to keep track of his “whereabouts,” call to wake him up every morning, and deliver his medication, including on weekends. She said she asked a male staffer she’d earlier dated to be her “fake boyfriend” and make regular stops by the office in the hopes of halting Conyers’ advances.

Conyers became physical with the victim. She was exposed to daily harassment by the Democrat lawmaker that included “rubbing on her shoulders, kissing her forehead, covering and attempting to hold her hand” as well as on some occasions urging her to come to his home, Buzzfeed reported.

This woman was under such stress from Conyers’ harassment that she suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia. Conyers’ wife, Monica Conyers was also hostile towards the female victim, calling her a “whore” and accusing her of wanting to have an affair with her husband, Buzzfeed reported.

Conyers’ victim was so ill from the stress that she tried to go on sick leave in 2016. Since she didn’t provide medical documents to justify her request for sick leave, she was terminated.

Conyers isn’t the only sexual predator in Congress. Over $15 million of taxpayer money has been used to pay Congressional harassment lawsuits.


White House Correspondent for One America News, Trey Yingst tweeted, “NEW: President Trump tells me he believe Congress should release the names of lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment claims.”

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