Alt-Left Conspiracy Theorist Cenk Uygur blames Christianity for the Holocaust [VIDEO]

Cenk Uygur, Alt-Left co-founder of the radical, and often conspiracy-driven, show Young Turks appeared on a “counter-extremism” panel this week where he blamed Christianity for the Holocaust.

The outrageous anti-Christian comments were made while Cenk Uygur was supposedly the “moderator” of the panel, part of  Web Summit, a tech conference in Europe. Other members of the panel included American Islamic Forum for Democracy’s M Zuhdi Jasser, The Khalifa Ihler Institute’s Bjorn Ihler, Institute for Strategic Dialogue Sasha Havlicek.


More via Conservative Review:

Dr. Jasser, a Muslim, stressed the need for a global Islamic reformation, one that preaches tolerance and a more secular way of life. He urged co-panelists not to coddle Muslims and to recognize the threat posed by global jihadist groups motivated by political Islam.

Seemingly offended by Jasser’s remarks, Uygur fired back, defending Islam as a whole and targeting Christianity.

“People make it seem like Christianity is hunky dory and wonderful reformation,” Uygur started. “The Holocaust was what, 70 years ago? It seems like Christianity was monstrous just 70 years ago, way worse than Islam has ever been, than any religion has ever been.”

He wasn’t done, blaming Christianity for “killing thirteen million people.”

Of course, Uygur didn’t mention that Hitler came to despise Christianity in favor of his eugenicist worldview. Historians have documented that Hitler viewed both Catholics and Protestants with disdain and sought to replace Christianity with what some refer to as the “Reich Church.”

The Holocaust was not executed in the name of Christianity. It was carried out by adherents to the very anti-Christian Nazi ideology.

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