WTH? Fox and ESPN Won’t Show Anthem Live Anymore

Fox and ESPN think they can squash the NFL protest controversy by not airing the National Anthem live this weekend.

The networks no longer have a monopoly on how the news is dispersed. Footage of players kneeling and or staying in the locker room during the Anthem will be posted on social media for the world to see.

ESPN and Fox will not air the Anthem live this weekend according to a CNN report.

The networks didn’t air the National Anthem last week in an attempt to put out the fires, however; we the people still saw what they were up to because Vice President Mike Pence walked out of the Indianapolis Colts-San Francisco 49ers game Sunday after 49ers players decided to kneel during the Anthem.

As previously reported, Roger Goodell issued a statement on Tuesday saying the league believes everyone should stand during the national anthem.

NFL players were outraged on Wednesday that there will be no more sitting, kneeling or stretching during the national anthem.


The NFL announced Friday that it is not seeking a mandate to force players to stand for the National Anthem.

The NFL hit a new low last Monday night — in ratings.

Monday’s night game was down double-digits from last year’s game.

Thursday night football ratings were also down.

The NFL is hurting as the disrespect of the national anthem continues.

Fans are burning gear, sponsors are dropping and stadiums are sparse; the NFL is done.

This controversy is not going away. Americans will continue to boycott the NFL; networks can’t stop the boycott by simply refusing to air the players kneeling. Do they really think we are that stupid?

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