Widow of Vietnam Veteran Feared No One Would Attend Her Husband’s Funeral – Then This Happened….

U.S. Army retiree Roman Belasco passed away without warning at his home on Sept. 2. He and his wife were married for 43 years.

His wife of 43 years worried no one would attend his funeral.
Then this happened.

Belasco’s widow and her neighbor were worried that too few people would be there to honor the memory of a hero.


The two got together and contacted the Veterans of Foreign Wars to aid in the hunt for Veterans Affairs benefits that would get the word out about Belasco’s service.

The invitation was extended to members of the community who wished to say “thank you” to Roman Belasco as he was laid to rest. The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization commented,

“This is a perfect time in American history to show community support for veterans, and with greater attendance than hoped.”
Hundreds of veterans and Proud Boys attended the funeral.

The Pikes Peak area veteran community, veteran service organizations, the Proud Boys and civilian organizations as well as donations from local and national companies even helped her pay for the event.

Brian Lamb of the Colorado Springs Proud Boys stated his reason for helping out Mrs. Belasco,

When I heard the wife of this great American hero’s story, I knew I had to be here to support her.”

Below are some images from the event:

Mr. Belasco passed away at his home on September 2nd, 2017. He and his wife were married for 43 years, according to KKTV11.

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