Violent Leftists, Racists and Communists Protest “Nazi” Police Chiefs at Philly Convention – Four Arrested

Far left, anti-cop, racist and Communist protesters protested the annual police chief convention Saturday in Philadelphia.

Four protesters were arrested and two police officers were injured during the violent protests.

Look at the complete lunacy these idiots are pushing.

NBC 10 reported:

Two police officers were injured while several protesters were arrested during a demonstration outside the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Center City Saturday afternoon.

A group of protesters, describing their demonstration as “Abolition Weekend,” gathered on Arch and 12th streets near the Pennsylvania Convention Center around noon where the conference is taking place. On a Facebook page promoting the rally, organizers outlined the reason for the protest.

“The International Association Of Chiefs Of Police is coming to have their national convention in Philadelphia,” they wrote. “However, we are clear of the damage that these individuals inflict on communities across our country. This weekend, we are standing up, saying no more, and laying the groundwork to abolish this corrupt system of policing we have in the United States.”

The protesters carried signs that included the words, “No Good Cop in a Racist System,” “No War on the Poor,” “Abolish the Police,” and “IACP has love 4 Nazis.” They also repeatedly chanted, “If we don’t get it, shut it down,” and “No racist police. No justice no peace.”

One woman who witnessed the protest expressed confusion regarding what the purpose of the protest actually was.

“Martin Luther King stood for something,” she said. “What do you stand for? What are you doing?”

Attorney General Sessions was scheduled to speak at the convention.


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