Vegas Trauma Surgeon Recounts Chaos After Shooting: “We Were Just Trying to Keep People From Dying”

A trauma surgeon in Vegas recounted the chaos after wounded people flooded the hospital in droves following the mass shooting.

As previously reported, a crazed shooter slaughtered over 50 people Sunday night at a Las Vegas country western concert in a mass shooting.
Another 500+ people were injured.

The Islamic State claimed Las Vegas suspect Stephen Paddock carried out the attack on behalf of the terror group. The shooting suspect allegedly ‘converted to Islam months ago.’

The Las Vegas shooter was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, Nevada.

Dr. Jay Coates, a trauma surgeon at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada told the Associated Press:

“I have no idea who I operated on. They were coming in so fast, we were taking care of bodies. We were just trying to keep people from dying.”

“Every bed was full,” Coates said. “We had people in the hallways, people outside and more people coming in.”

“It was very clear that the first patient I took back and operated on that this was a high-powered weapon,” Coates said. “This wasn’t a normal street weapon. This was something that did a lot of damage when it entered the body cavity,” Coates said.

More information about the shooter and details unfolding surrounding Paddock as The Guardian reported:

  • A total of 59 people have died, not including the suspect, and 527 people have been injured.
  • Police said authorities found several pounds of ammonium nitrate, a material used to make explosives, in the suspect’s car.
  • At least 17 guns were found in the hotel room of the shooter.
  • The shooter is believed to have fired roughly 500 yards from his hotel room to the site of the concert.
  • The suspect had a girlfriend, who is currently in Tokyo, according to police, who are continuing to investigate her and plan to meet with her when she returns.
  • Police are preparing to raid another property of the suspect in Reno, Nevada.
  • Authorities still have no information to share about a possible motive for the shooting.

In recent months Paddock sent tens of thousands of dollars to a person in the Philippines.

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