Unreal. LGBTQ Group Is Getting Armed Because of Muslims?… Nope. Conservatives! (Video)

A small group of gays and lesbians organized a gun club in northern Maine.

The group is concerned with rise in Islamic jihad armed conservatives.

It was only one year ago that an Islamist shot and killed and killed 49 gays at the gay Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
You’d think that would concern them. But their leftists so they don’t think rationally.

The Trigger Warning Queer and Trans Gun Club was recently organized in northern Maine to confront the rise of the Far Right in the United States.
Euro News reported:

It’s in response to the rise of the Far Right in the US. In a small field near to the Canadian border, the newly formed Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club meet.

Lore McSpadden had never even touched a gun before joining the club: “We’re acknowledging our fear of a world in which conservatives are the only ones who are armed.”

The 18 paid-up members are all LGBTQ, meeting once a month to shoot still targets and clay pigeons.

But the light mood affronts the incident that led to the group’s creation last winter when vandals burned two homes’ rainbow flags in this area, straight after the presidential election.

Gun club member Jake Allen wants to push back from the idea that LGBT people are weak and defenceless,
“I want white supremacists and neo-Nazis to know that queer people are taking steps necessary to protect themselves.”

About a dozen people in a field don’t exactly represent a vanguard of a newly armed left – but the group isn’t alone, with interest for other clubs coming from across the country.

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