Unhinged University Teacher: ‘I Always Call on Black Women First… White Men Last’

Stephanie McKellop is a teaching assistant at University of Pennsylvania who admitted via her Twitter account that she “always calls on black women students first” while other POC (people of color) get second tier priority. This unhinged left-wing racist hack then said she calls on WW (white women) then ‘if she has to, white men’.

Twitter exploded after the left-wing hack of a teacher exposed herself engaging in what is called ‘progressive stacking’, a method that seeks to offer marginalized students an opportunity to participate in the classroom. Whatever that means.

McKellop then tweeted, “The University of Pennsylvania is issuing a press release condemning me and my teaching practices…” She also called people criticizing her for her bigotry “Nazis”.


University of Pennsylvania released a statement via Philly.com:

Later, Penn released a statement from Steven Fluharty, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, saying that “contrary to some reports, the graduate student has not been removed from the program and we have and will continue to respect and protect the graduate student’s right to due process.”

“We are looking into the current matter involving a graduate student teaching assistant to ensure that our students were not subjected to discriminatory practices in the classroom and to ensure that all of our students feel heard and equally engaged.”

Ann Coulter tweeted about it too, “College makes people stupid & angry. Young people should skip college & submit their SAT scores to employers, which at least mean something.”

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